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2 August
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Trees?!?!, BONER!!,bahhah...DANI BELL IS MY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!! i love her...(not lez)...Spank me...im evil ....bahha...*tickles you* yeah yeah you know you like that TREESSSSS!...DANIEL....WORD!!!....BONER!!..lmfao long story on the bus from track...lmfao
12 stones, 13 days, 18 bonez, 35 inch mudder, 3rd strike, 6gig, absolve, ac/dc, adamantium, addicts ladder, affliction, after human, alice in chains, all else failed, animosity, artic sun, ashes, at will, atreyu, bile, black sabbath, bled, bleeding through, blind by noon, blind hate experiment, blindsyde, blinfold, bob dylan, bob rivers, burn season, carb, catdog, chimaira, chum, coal chamber, cold, common aggression, contingence, count me out, dark lotus, definition, deftones, defunct, deviant ia, diecast, doomfinger, dragbody, dropface, earth crisis, eight grams, elemental, eminem, ensign, estedy, evergeen terrace, everlast, factory 81, fear the clown, five point o, flaw, flynet, good clean fun, gryn, hardcore, haste, hatebreed, headbanging, heavy metal, hey arnold, hopesfall, icp, ill nino, illside, jed, jenna jameson, jewel, jolt, kloudnine, lifer, local h, loco tribe, logic 34, maharahj, mercy's own, mower, mushroom head, music, narcissus, nirvana, no one's kind, nonpoint, nothingface, one fifth, orbit, outspoken-stl, papa roach, phyllis, pillfur, ply, porno, powerman 5000, propain, psychopathic rydas, pussy, red hot chilli peppers, rob zombie, sckapegoat, severance 1, shortie, sick of trying, silvia saint, simple wisdom, simplekill, smugface, snapcase, south forty, spiritfall, sponge bob square pants, staple, stone sour, straightedge, strife, sw1tched, sxe hardcore, sxe metal, taproot, the doors, the postman syndrome, the sex pistols, the simpsons, three 6 mafia, throwdown, thunderstorms, time flies, tits, tom waits, tool, tripcage, trumore, trust company, twinge, unjust, useless, vast, women, writing, zao